Polywagasaurus 2014 Fall Collection Review

November 1, 2014


The 2014 Fall Collection is finally here. With a massive amount of pre-order Polywagasaurus, manages to impress once again. Their impressive amount of styles and designs that are unparalleled in the market really showcases what the brand is capable of. Polywagasaurus really reveils how they are collectible and unique with clothing so familiar yet so distant. Their stand alone clothing such as the dresses and neck crop tops reveil how simplicity and elegance can be combimed to create a universal look. Seperating from the generic and trendy fabrics and styles that other clohting lines seem to always be putting out. The colors also all seem to play a foundation in the Fall look from dark ruby red dresses to classic white and gold shirts. It is greatly enhanced with the phantom black labels with the right hint of luxury gold writing. Fun fact this is the first time Polywagasaurus uses labels outside their clothing. The finishing touch are really the styles and fabrics the line decided to use and create. With the cotton bleneded animal print pocket tees to the luxurious dresses that can be worn from formal to causual occiasions. Including the right amount of Polywagasaurus very own luxury themed artwork.  This collection really delivers in variety and elegance, something that Polywagasaurus planned to accomplish when designing and creating. 

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