Polywagasaurus Plans for 2015

February 1, 2015


We sat down with the Polywagasaurus team and got an insight into what the company has in store for the new year. First we got to talking about the past year 2014 and everything we accomplished and how the overall experience was. 


"2014 was a crazy year really. A lot has happened to us as a company and individually in our personal lives. It doesn't feel like it has been a long time but really it is. We met people that influenced our path and we've lost a couple. It didnt feel like that at the time, it felt like some people were going to be in it for the long run but it didnt turn out like that for x reason. With bussiness partners, friends and girls you know haha. It's just funny to look back and see all the poeple that came into our lives for a second but at the time it feelt like they were going to be there forever but later you look back and it was only for a brief second. It's sad you know cause of all the possible paths that could have been. That's life I suppose, that's bussiness. Shout out to all to all the people that played minor roles in our lives though. Of course there are those special people who stay in your life." 


"2015 thats a whole new chapter, a whole new story you. As a company though, we expect to build and expand on the brand. Now that we are a little more comfortable with the how we are situated I think well focus more on getting out there. We got a pretty good start we're at Europe now, even small towns like Portsmouth, England. We want our Collections to reach as many people as possible. This time we dont want to feel like our lines are rushed. It's really long process especially when youre trying to deliver quality, people do not understand that and we dont expect them too. A perfect example was our Luxury Line we focused so much on the quality and designs and overall image and production that we did not properly promote it the way we couldve if we did not feel rushed to release the collection. We're still thankful for the overwhelming amount of pre-orders and eagerness from people. We just had to learn and experience the hype and know that we know how to deal with it the collections will be even more incredible. 2015 is just the year to show off what we've built. We have made so many connections and learned so much. 2015 is a perfect year to show all that with our quality and the image of the company". 


"As far for the next Collection we are working on the Spring Line 2015 but we will reveal things slowly. Not going to promise any dates right away we're taking our time so we can deliver it the way we want it to. It's exciting to work with people so close to you and do something you have so much love for. We're glad to be doing this and were planning to stick here for a long time. 2015 here we come its going to be a collectible one". 

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