Polywagasaurus, A Collectible Rising Empire.

May 22, 2015

Polywagasaurus has been steady for the last couple of years, it is slowly but surely raising its quality of attire. It's steadily increasing its products and ranging them to all types of products. It's image is solid as a rock and throughout time it looks like they are getting better at what they do. The rare collectible motto and slogan have made an impact in local streetwear culture. Now everyone is slowly starting to understand what the rare species the Polywagasaurus is all about. With great taste in designs and use of creativity to reimagine concepts and ideas to creating something totally original. "Every season we are constantly trying to in-vision and create something that is completely new to people but also something similar. It's easy to create something new but that doesn't mean people are going to like it. With our vision we create something new but that people can have somewhat of a familiarity with and so on easier to transition to. Our vision is simplicity but collectible. I'll just leave it to the people to understand it" Alex Pedraza stated.



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